Perrywinkle Kitten
Ceramic Chef
Lime Pony
Charlotte's Mummy Kitten
Indian Woman Doll
Sparkle Ducky
Tangerine Yarn Creature
Magic Marker Giraffe
Rainbow Pony
Cowgirl doll
Polish Clothes Pin Doll
Porcelain Mexican Doll
Valentine Leopard
Button-Sock Doll
Floral Papoose
Orange Fuzzy Kitten
Grape Bendy Artie Cat
St. Patty Bear
Pound Puppy
Magic Pear Pony
Purple Penguin
Blueberry Pony
Strawberry Pony
Beaded Indian Doll
Dollar Store Barbie
Pencil Topper Parrot
Cherry Pony
Pink Punk Kitten
Sticky Lizard
Tin Turtle
Green Bendy Kitten
Baby Bunny
Bobble Mouse
Grandpa's Rabbit
McNugget Dino
Berry Pony
Felt Raccoon
Fuzzy Lamb
Chinese Luck Kitten
Fuzzy Baby Bear
Bendy Magician Bunny
Mexican Girl Doll
Peche Mouse
Tiny Pink Pegasus
Tiny Baby
Raspberry Unicorn
Matryoshka Doll
Rubber Sea Gull
Baby Pound Puppy
Tiny Grey Kitten
Indian Baby Doll
Gem Pony
Golden Mermaid
Friendly Husky
Siamese Kitten
Paper Bag Mermaid
Huckleberry Pony
Butterscotch Pony
Lavender Pony
Minty Pony
Indian Flute Player Doll
Grandpa's Marmalade Bunny
Mere's Poodle
Little Boat
Graduation Kitten
Hand Made Clown
Sock Horsey
Rhubarb Pony
Antique Baby Doll
Spotted Tangerine Pony
Sand Puppy
Striped Papoose
Antique Dolly
Cupcake Doll
Striped Water Buffalo
Stripey Kitten
Skating Garfield
Fuzzy Grey Mousey
Porcelain Doll
Kittens in Basket Ornament
Peppermint Doll
Pound Puppy Radio
Baby Mermaid
Daisy Pony
Banana Pony
Plaid Bear
Fuzzy Baby Bear
Fuzzy Ducky
Garfield PEZ
Seal Pup
Teal Pony
Pound Puppy Spot
Autograph Dog
Rosy Pony
Lemon Pony
Irish Doll
Chinese Baby
Blue Pegasus Pony
Mom's Handmade Mouse
Lavender Fairy
Fuzzy Fox
Halloween Kitten
Hungarian Dolly
Blue Papoose
Water Spitting Seal
Squeaky Dolphin
Knit Bunny
Bunny in Carrot Gone Wild
Good Luck Kittens
Witch Hat Cat
Strawberry Unicorn
Yarn Boa Kitten
Farmer Kitten
Milk Jug Kitten
Blueberry Pony
Homemade Sock Cat
Cabbage Patch Kid Baby
Bow Baby Siamese
Handmade Pink Kitten Girl
BladeRunner Bunny
Polka Dot Easer Cheetah
Ruther the Raccoon
Japanese Doll
Mushroom Elf
Polka Dot Papoose
Lemon-Lime Pony
Nylon Sock Doll
Midnight Pegasus
Homemade Mermaid Doll
Polka Dot Clothespin Doll
Vietnamese Water Fairy
Tiny Flying Pony
Blue Polka Dot Fuzzy Bear
Geisha Doll
Wendy Walking Doll
Grape Yarn Creature
Fuzzy Dolphin
Grandpa's Yellow Rabbit
Seal Slipper
Indigo Pony
Chinese Prince
Midnight Puppet Kitten
Golden Porcelain Doll
Butterscotch Pony
Marmelade Pony
Homemade Prairie Doll
Country Kitten
Polka Dot Rag Doll
Homemade Madeline
Tin Kitten
Tang Pony
Embroidered Oven Mitt Creature
Clay Ball Kitten
Ruther 2
Tiny Baby2
Sherbet Pony
Butterscotch Pony 2
Grape Pony
Clothespin Holly Hobby
Rainbow Eraser Kitten
One Eared Kitten
Lemon Pony
Silver Alien Potato Head
Googly Yarn Octopus
Homemade Bunny
Alien Potato Head Azul
Sky Reindeer
Carnival Horse
Squeaky Flipper
Pink Monkey
Orange Owl
Red Triceratops
Walrus Hat
Garfield Teddy
Telephone Kitty
Yellow Bendy Rabbit
Tamba Cat
Gold Kitten
Jem Doll
Tiny Plastic Baby
Jazzercise Kitten
Emerald Mermaid
Seal Pup
Alien Potato Head Bronze
Alien Potato Head Teal
Chocolate Bunny
Yelling Tiger
Orangie Bendy Cat
Woodpecker Pencil Topper
Little Mouse
Black Bendy Cat
Indian Hungarian Doll
crayon paintings


melted crayon on panel

series of 200

4" x 6" in. each


This series is about making art that reflects my childhood, my history, and creating art for the sheer pleasure of making it. 


The paintings were created by melting crayons in a technique similar to encaustic painting on small wooden panels. They are portraits of the dolls and toys that I collected from my parent’s attic, basement and my childhood bedroom. I photographed the Barbie dolls, stuffed cats, plastic raccoons, rubber triceratops, Happy Meal Garfields and the countless other creatures. Using a glue gun, I melted crayons onto the wooden panels to paint a portrait of each. Even the crayons were from a 25 year old shoebox from my childhood closet.


The process was about the sheer pleasure of playing. There was something delicious and decadent about holding the bright wax stick to the hot tip of the glue gun, the few seconds it took to warm, and then the gush of melted, molten color that cascaded onto the wooden surface. This was a guilty pleasure.


The original installation was accompanied by a sculptural component of original stuffed animals and dolls stacked between the head and footboard of an antique bed. These creatures were my talismen (only much less portable than those that would fit into a shaman’s pocket).  When I stacked them high upon one another, the pile had a presence of its own, as all the little eyes squinted and stared at me from the corner. They knew me from way back. They remembered the time when I didn’t know how to paint in oils, but played with Crayons, Cats, Dolls and Monsters.